Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Date of birth:        June 14, 1949, Israel.

Personal status:   Married, three children, six grandchildren.

Address:              10 Agmon St., Ramat Efal, Ramat Gan 52960, Israel.

Phone:                 Office 02-6584145 or 02-6586251, residence 03-5349588, mobile 054-4661731. 


1967–70              B.Sc. Cum laude in Mathematics and Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1970–72              M.Sc. Cum laude in Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Thesis: “The Range of a Vector Measure.”

1974–77              Ph.D. Summa cum laude in Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Advisor: Robert J. Aumann;

                            Thesis: “Values of Games with a Continuum of Players.”


Area Editor, Mathematics of Operations Research, 1987–93.             

Associate Editor, Games and Economic Behavior, 1993–2001.

Editorial Board, International Journal of Game Theory, 2001–07.

Scientific Societies

Member of  Academia Europaea, elected 2020.    

Fellow of the  Game Theory Society, elected 2017.

Fellow of  Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET),  elected 2014.

Charter Member of Game Theory Society, elected at its inception in 1999, and served on its first council until 2005.

President of Israeli Chapter of the Game Theory Society, 2014--2018.

Fellow of Econometric Society, elected 1989.  

Member of The Stony Brook Center for Game Theory, since inception.    

Academic Positions

1975–77   Levi Eshkol Research Fellow, Israel National Council for Research and Development.

1977–78   Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University.

1978–81   Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley.

1979–80   Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1981–82   Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Stanford University.

1982         Visiting Associate Professor, Harvard Business School.

1985–2001  State University of New York at Stony Brook. 1985 Professor; 1986 Leading Professor. 1985–89 Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Institute for Decision Sciences; 1989–2001, Department of Economics, Department of Applied Mathematics, and Statistics, and Institute for Decision Sciences.

1987–89   Professor, Department of Economics, Ohio State University, Columbus.

1982–present  Hebrew University of Jerusalem: 1982 Associate Professor; 1985 Professor. 1982–90 Department of Economics and Institute of Mathematics; 1990–present Institute of Mathematics and Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality.

1985–90   Director of Center for Game Theory and Mathematical Economics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1992–94   Chairman, Institute of Mathematics; 1990–present Member of Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2008--2020 Member of the Academic Committee, Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2020--present Chair of the Academic Committee, Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


1977  Abraham Urbach prize for distinguished thesis in mathematics at the Hebrew University of                  Jerusalem.

1979  Aaron Katzir prize for best Ph.D. thesis in the Faculties of Exact Science, Mathematics, Agriculture, and Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2002  Distinguished Honorary Professor, Qingdao University, Qingdao, China.

2008  Inaugural John von Neumann lecture at the 2008 World Congress of the Game Theory Society.

2012  John von Neumann lecture at the 2012 World Congress of the Game Theory Society, on behalf of the late J.-F. Mertens.

2015  Game Theory conference in honor of Neyman's Scientific Achievements  

2016  International Journal of Game Theory, Special Issue in honor of Abraham Neyman

Graduate Student Supervision


E. Ben-Porath

(M.Sc. 1985)

M. Amitai

(M.Sc. 1989)

R. Smorodinsky

(M.Sc. 1991)

J. Ma                  

(Ph.D. 1993)

X. Zhang            

(Ph.D. 1994)

L. Liu                  

(Ph.D. 1995)  

O. Haimanko      

(M.Sc. 1996)  

D. Okada            

(Ph.D. 1997)  

T. Russo            

(Ph.D. 1998)

E. Solan              

(Ph.D. 1998)

O. Haimanko      

(Ph.D. 2000)

Y. Goldberg        

(M.Sc. 2004)

G. Bavly            

(M.Sc. 2004) 

R. Peretz            

(M.Sc. 2006)

I. Khayutin          

(M.Sc. 2007)

Y. Levy            

(M.Sc. 2008)  

A. Shapira        

(Ph.D. 2008)

R. Peretz          

(Ph.D. 2010)

A. Shaltiel        

(M.Sc. 2011)

O. Edhan          

(Ph.D. 2011)

G. Bavly            

(Ph.D. 2012)

Y. Levy              

(Ph.D. 2013)