I specialize in designing matching systems and auctions, and in advising to bidders in auctions and auction-like scenarios. Feel free to contact me to inquire about availability for specific projects.
 אני מתמחה בעיצוב מערכות שיבוץ ומכרזים, וכן בייעוץ לגופים המשתתפים במכרזים


Israel Ministry of Education, controlled school choice (2014-)
Israeli Psychology Masters Match (2013-)
Israel Ministry of Health, Israeli medical internship match (2013-)
Organizations I've worked with: Israeli Ministry of Health; Israeli Ministry of Education; Psychology departments at TAU, HUJI, BIU, Haifa U, BGU, Ariel U, the Technion, IDC, Open U, MTA, Ruppin Academic Center; Netanya municipality; Dimona municipality