I specialize in designing matching systems and auctions, and in advising to bidders in auctions and auction-like scenarios. Feel free to contact me to inquire about availability for specific projects.
 אני מתמחה בעיצוב מערכות שיבוץ ומכרזים, וכן בייעוץ לגופים המשתתפים במכרזים


Israeli Psychology Masters Match (2013-)
Israel Ministry of Health, Israeli medical internship match (2013-)
Israeli Pre-military mechinot (2017-)
Israeli Law Internships Signaling System (2017-)
Israel Ministry of Education, controlled school choice (2014-2016)
Organizations I've worked with: Israeli Ministry of Health; Israeli Ministry of Education; Psychology departments at TAU, HUJI, BIU, Haifa U, BGU, Ariel U, the Technion, IDC, Open U, MTA, Ruppin Academic Center; Netanya municipality; Dimona municipality; Law School at HUJI; Joint Council of Mechinot