2008 - Making Sense of Sensing

The first Peter Brojde Meeting for Innovations in Engineering and Computer Science is devoted to the emerging new field of Sensing.  
In recent years "computing and "telecommunication", the two foundation elements of the cyberspace are augmented by a third element: "sensing". Sensing, the acquisition of information of an object, substance, or phenomenon, is the essential element needed to create a direct interface between the physical world and the cyberspace. 
Recent developments in nanoscience and nanotechnology are opening new avenues for sensing, in particular in creating sensors that can identify minute quantities of specific biological and chemical substances.
    Combining computing and communication with ensembles of sensors creates networks of sensors in which the outputs of the individual sensors are fused and processed to yield comprehensive and coherent information.
The alliance between the "bottom up" development of new sensing capabilities with the "top down" approach to fuse the information generated in sensor ensembles and networks is expected to play a major role in a world struggling to preserve the environment, combat terror, and provide medical services to all.
    In this inaugural meeting of the Peter Brojde Center for Innovative Engineering and Computer Science we will highlight this new field of sensing by inviting leading scientists from Israel and abroad to share their work and vision in the sensing field. Focus will be given to topics related to generic sensing nanotechnologies, novel sensing paradigms, sensor networks and information science for sensor networks, with applications in the arenas of biosensing, chemical sensing, and medical sensing.
    This one day meeting will take place at Yad Hashmona (near Neve-Ilan, located on highway 1, 20 minutes away from the Giv’at Ram Campus) and is open to both academia and industry. Registration is free, but advanced registration is required.



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