2015 - Quantum Biology

In recent years, several studies have indicated that "non-trivial" quantum features such as superposition, nonlocality, entanglement and tunneling may be manifested in a number of biological processes. These findings give rise to a new area of research: “Quantum Biology”. Some examples of the biological phenomena that have been studied in terms of quantum processes are the absorbance of frequency-specific radiation (i.e., photosynthesis and vision); the conversion of chemical energy into motion; magnetoreception in animals, DNA mutation, and brownian motors in many cellular processes. The research of quantum biology is still at its fledgling phase, and its essence is under intense debate. However, it bears the potential to be of paramount importance for the understanding of biological phenomena at the fundamental level, and may induce in the future the physical chassis for implementing quantum computing concept The sixth Peter Brojde Conference at the Hebrew University is devoted to explore recent development in this field. 

The conference will take place on June the 16th, 2015 in Neve Ilan Hotel. 


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