Gilad Marcus

Dr. Gilad Marcus

Head of the Ultrafast Dynamics Lab
The Peter Brojde Scholar 2012- 2014
Gilad Marcus

Dr. Gilad Marcus joined the department of Applied Physics, School of Computer Science and Engineering at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel as a senior lecturer in the fall of 2011.  His research interests include ultrafast dynamics in atoms and molecules, High intensity and high photon energy attosecond pulses and, the development of few cycles lasers and optical parametric amplifiers (OPA). Gilad earned his B.Sc.(1995) and M.Sc(1998) degrees in Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He then co-founded and served as a VP for R&D at the start-up company X-technologies which developed a miniature x-ray tube for cardio-vascular therapeutic (later acquired by US major pharmaceutical company Guidant " ).
In 2006 Dr. Marcus completed his Ph.D. in Physics at the Hebrew University, where he studied, both in theory and in experiments, the possibility to excite and control the molecular rotations-vibrations by using chirped laser pulses. In his work Gilad identify an interesting transition of this excitation scheme from the quantum regime (term "Ladder-climbing") to the classical regime (term "Autoresonance"). This interesting transition was recently demonstrated in other systems. Gilad won various prizes and fellowships, including the Golda Meir Fellowship, the Alexander von Humboldt research Fellowship for postdoctoral studies, the Ofer-Cohen Fellowship for Ph.D. students and the Wolf Fellowship.
In 2005, he joined the Electro-optics group at Soreq NRC and in 2007 he started a post doctoral at the Max-Planck Institute for Quantum optics with the group of Prof. Ferenc Krausz. During his post doctoral period he specialized in high energy, few cycles chirped pulse optical parametric amplifiers (OPCPA) both in the infrared/near infrared and the generation of intense/high photon energy high-harmonics.

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