• Organization team 2018

    EARLI SIG20-26 2018

    Local organization team Jerusalem

  • Socializing intelligence through academic talk and dialogue

    First hard copy of the book in hand! with Lauren Resnick and Sherice Clarke

  • FACES team

    FACES research team 2018

    w/ Prof Roi Reichart, Dr Yaakov Ophir, Itay Sisso & Refael Tikochinski

  • the GIF team 2014

    The GIF team, 2014

    w/ Armin Weinberger, Dimitra Tsovaltzi & Baruch Schwarz

  • Israel Learning Sciences conference 2015

    @ Jerusalem

  • .

    Edit Bouton

    presenting @ EARLI 2015

  • Yaakov Ophir

    @ APS conference

  • .

    Maya Resnick presenting her thesis

    @ ILS 2018

  • Book cover Mofet book Schwarz et al (Eds)

    Teachers, students and social network sites

    Cover of new book w/ Baruch Schwarz and Hananel Rosenberg

  • Keynote Segundo Congreso Nacional y Latino de Profesoras y Profesores de Ciencias de Educación Basica, Santiago de Chile, 2010

I explore the cognitive and social dimensions of learning through human interaction. I am a strong proponent of a multidisciplinary, multi-method approach to the study of learning through interaction. In my own research, I combine controlled experiments, detailed dialogue analyses and self-report data collection methods and am informed by theories from cognitive science, social psychology, communication, and developmental psychology. Topic-wise, my research interests are in group learning, argumentation, teacher support of learning dialogues, conceptual change, teacher pedagogical reasoning, computer-mediated communication and teacher learning in school-based communities.