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I am associate professor at the Seymour (Shlomo) Fox School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I lead the research group at the Learning & Interaction Lab. I have a BA in Psychology from Haifa University and an MA and PhD in Educational Psychology from the Hebrew University.

Together with students and colleagues, I explore how human beings learn from social, verbal interactions. This research is based on the premise that individual cognition is shaped through social interactions and that verbal dialogue plays a special role in this process. I strongly believe in combining experimental methodology with in-depth, quantitative analyses of socio-cognitive processes of learning. However, research in this multi-faceted domain requires methodological and theoretical versatility. I then also use descriptive, qualitative and design research methods when these are called for, and my theoretical approach integrates concepts and constructs from educational psychology, communication, computer-human interaction and education. Topic-wise, we have done research on classroom dialogue and argumentation; teacher support of learning dialogues; conceptual change; computer-mediated learning interactions; social media and education; computational psychopathology; and teacher pedagogical reasoning.