Hamutal Amiram

Hamutal Amiram

MA thesis (2015): Student motivation during error correction activities
Miriam  Babichenko

Miriam Babichenko

PhD (2021): Collaborative inquiry into practice in teacher workgroup meetings
MA thesis (2013): The social dimension of learning through argumentation - the role of belief in human presence and rhetoric style
Now a postdoc at Ben Gurion University
Smadar  Bar-Tal

Dr Smadar Bar-Tal

Postdoc 2015-2017
Research: Knowledge sharing among pre-service teacher students

Dr. Matan Barak

Post doc 2021-2022 @ Center for the study of dialogic teaching and learning

Adi Baranes

MA thesis project: learning from reading argumentative discussions on science topics

Naama Bigelman

Master thesis (2018): Botanical misconceptions and children's literature in kindergarten
Edith Bouton-Sharon

Edith Bouton-Sharon

PhD (2023): Quantitative Approaches to Quality Assessment of Academically Productive Classroom Dialogue
MA thesis (2015): Adolescents' sharing practices of learning materials through social networks
Avner Cohen Zamir

Dr. Avner Cohen-Zamir

Post doc (2020-2021) project: Teachers' reasoning about talk turn distribution in classroom discussions
Perrie Delman

Perrie Delman

MA thesis (2013): The role of gender, expertise and achievement goals in dialogue with a disagreeing peer
Aviv Dotan

Aviv Dotan

Undergraduate lab member 2014-2015
Research project: Timing effects of corrective feedback on conceptual change
Yaara Gazit

Yaara Gazit

MA thesis (2010): Effect of role playing and discourse goals on secondary school students' small group argumentation
Tony Gutentag

Dr. Tony Gutentag

Post doc (2020-2021) project: Teacher well being during COVID-19
Post doc (2020-2021) project: Antecedent and correlates of classroom discussions during online remote COVID-19 teaching