Burned out: Middle-school teachers during COVID-19


Gutentag, T., & Asterhan, C. S. C. (2022). Burned out: Middle-school teachers during COVID-19. Frontiers in Psychology , 13, 802520.
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During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers around the globe had been
forced to move their teaching to full-time online, remote teaching. In this study, we aimed
at understanding teacher burnout during COVID-19. We conducted a survey among
399 teachers at the peak of a prolonged physical school closure. Teachers reported
experiencing more burnout during (vs. before) the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributing
factors to this burnout were high family work conflict and low online teaching proficiency.
Burnout was associated with lower work-related wellbeing: Lower work commitment,
and higher turnover intentions. It was also associated with lower psychological
wellbeing: More depressive and anxiety symptoms, and lower subjective wellbeing.
Approach (but not avoid) coping strategies served as a protective factor against the
burnout-turnover intentions association. We conclude with recommendations on how
to mitigate teacher burnout, thereby contributing to teacher wellbeing.

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Last updated on 03/10/2022