Salt bricks as future building blocks for the Earth Day 2021

April 22, 2021


Today, here at the University, we are joining in the international commemorations of Earth Day- the international day whose goal is to enhance awareness around issues pertaining to the environment and defending our globe against the many ecological threats we face.  This day stresses the close connection between our personal fate and that of the coming generations, and the need to preserve the precious resources that will be drained if we don’t carefully manage the ecological systems upon which our world functions.  

The Hebrew University is proud to act as a leader in many ongoing efforts to reduce the negative impact that we as humans have on our environment.  Advancing environmental awareness is a moral imperative that is central to our commitment to modern society and future generations.  As part of that understanding, the University is committed to supporting many research studies in topics related to sustainability, ecological planning, renewable energy, better preserving our food sources, recycling, and strengthening an overall increased awareness of how to protect the global systems upon which we rely for our very survival.

As academics, we have a vital role to play, both here in Israel and across the international community, in developing new technologies and better understanding the social and cultural processes that relate to these critical issues.  In addition, we must commit to increasing the public’s awareness of the dangers posed by ignoring the environment – and the power we each have to better serve the planet.  

Alongside our research and educational avenues and our central place in public diplomacy, we are proud that our four main campuses have been recognized as “Green Campuses” by the Ministry for Environmental Protection. A dedicated work group “Green Campus” has been assigned by the University to manage these initiatives.

On a daily level, we at the Hebrew University continue to be strongly committed to embracing new directions that respect and defend our globe. Together we can ensure a better, healthier and more environmentally-friendly world for ourselves and the generations to come.  

Earth day 22/04 - Prof. Dani Mandler