Electrochemical Co-deposition of Sol-Gel/Metal Thin Nanocomposite Films.


Toledano R, Shacham R, Avnir D, Mandler D. Electrochemical Co-deposition of Sol-Gel/Metal Thin Nanocomposite Films. Chem. Mater.Chemistry of Materials. 2008;20 (13) :4276 - 4283.

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A single-step method for the prepn. of thin sol-gel/Cu mixed films is described, which is based on a novel electrochem. sol-gel methodol., resulting in nanocomposite coating. The method combines electrochem. with the acceleration of sol-gel hydrolysis and condensation processes. While sol-gel is deposited of increasing the pH in the vicinity of the electrode surface, Cu ions are electrochem. reduced. Characterization of the deposited films was accomplished by SEM, XPS, tunneling at. force microscopy, and other surface techniques. The different parameters that affect the structure and compn. of the deposited films were examd. The morphol. and grain size of the films are strongly affected by the ratio between the sol-gel monomer and Cu ions. Also, the potential of deposition affects also the compn. of the films as it controls the kinetics of sol-gel and Cu deposition. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2008:721058(Journal)