Preparation and characterization of alkylphosphonic acid self-assembled monolayers on titanium alloy by chemisorption and electrochemical deposition.

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Ti-6Al-4V alloy is the most commonly used alloy for dental and orthopedic implants. In order to improve osseointegration, different surface modification methods are usually employed, including self-assembled monolayers (SAMs). This study presents an investigation of both active (electroassisted) and passive (adsorption) approaches for the modification of Ti-6Al-4V using alkylphosphonic acid. The monolayers were characterized by cyclic voltammetry, double-layer capacitance, contact angle measurements, XPS, polarization modulation IR reflection adsorption spectroscopy, electrochem. impedance spectroscopy, and corrosion potentiodynamic polarization measurements. It is shown that the electrochem. assisted monolayers, which are assembled faster, exhibit better control over surface properties, a superior degree of order, and a somewhat higher packing d. The electrosorbed SAMs also exhibit better blockage of electron transfer across the interface and thus have better corrosion resistance. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2014:789252(Journal; Online Computer File)