Thiol self-assembled monolayers on mercury surfaces: the adsorption and electrochemistry of ω-mercaptoalkanoic acids.

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The formation of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of ω-mercaptoalkanoic acids on a mercury surface under potential control was studied. Cyclic voltammetry and a.c. voltammetry were used for studying the different phases and transitions that the homologous series of these thiols form and undergo. The thiols are either physisorbed or chemisorbed depending on the applied potential and the transition between these two states occurs through a faradaic process. Also, the chemisorption of the thiols results in multilayer deposition when the thiol monolayer does not block electron transfer. Finally, the implications of this study to the formation and manipulation of SAMs of ω-functionalized alkanethiols on Hg are discussed. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2000:5612(Journal)