Curriculum Vitae


Elchanan Ben-Porath


1979-1982B.Sc. 1982 (M.C.L.), The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Mathematics.
1982-1985M.Sc. 1985, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Mathematics.
1985-1989Ph.D. 1989, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.
Dissertation: “Essays in Non-Cooperative Game Theory.”
Advisor: David Kreps.

 Academic Appointments

1989-1991Assistant Professor, Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University.
1991-1995Lecturer, Department of Economics, Tel-Aviv University
1995-2001Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Tel-Aviv University.
2001Associate Professor, Department of Economics, The Hebrew University.
2003Schonbrunn Chair in Mathematical Economics, The Hebrew University.
2004-2005Member in the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.
2017Professor of Economics, The Hebrew University.

Research Interests

Economic Theory, especially Game Theory and Information Economics.

Teaching Interests

Microeconomics, Game Theory, Information Economics, Distributive Justice.

Honors & Awards

  1. Fellow of the Econometric Society, 2017.
  2. Fellow of the Game Theory Society, 2017.



  1. Allon Fellowship for Young Researchers in Israel,1991.
  2. Israel Science Foundation, July 2002. “Rationalizable Expectations,” a joint project with Aviad Heifetz.
  3.  Binational Science Foundation, July 2007.  "Implementation with Partial Provability''.  A joint project with Bart Lipman from Boston University.
  4.  Binational Science Foundation, July 2012.  "Mechanism Design with Evidence''.  A joint project with Eddie Dekel and Bart Lipman.


Associate Editor of Games and Economic Behaviour, 2003 - 2017.