Apartheid—The Global Itinerary                   

South African Cultural Formations in Transnational Circulation, 1948-1990

"Apartheid—The Global Itinerary" traces the global diffusion of apartheid-era expressive culture, whether textual, musical or visual, in a Cold War setting. The apartheid government exiled political activists, intellectuals, writers, photographers and musicians. Texts depicting racial oppression circulated within transnational networks. Images were disseminated by the mass media. Sounds traveled, whether as the radio broadcasts of displaced writers or as the jazz performances of exiled musicians. Read more 


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David Goss will be giving a guest lecture in Louise Bethlehem's course

May 1, 2018

In the framework of Prof. Louise Bethlehem's course "On (Non-)Violence: Mandela after Fanon," Dr. David Goss will be sharing his perspective on the joint exhibition "Borrown Syndrome" held together with Prof. Einat Leader, with special reference to the place of South Africa in this configuration.