International Development in Practice: Approaches, Challenges and Skills

The course is practice oriented. It links local development approaches (Assets Based Community Development - ABCD, Results Based Accountability - RBA, The Leaky Bucket concept within the framework of Local Sustainable Economic Development - LSED, The Triple Helix Approach for innovation) to project design methodology and implementation through identifying a small scale development project with a selected organization relevant to developing countries' realities, and implementing at least a component of the project during the semester. The project design approach is results and impact oriented

Course/Module aims: 
The course is designed to provide the students with practical tools to identify and design small scale feasible and impact oriented development projects

Learning outcomes - On successful completion of this module, students should be able to: 
Understand the practical implications of the above mentioned local development approaches, and how to use it within the framework of project design. 
Understand the difference between three types of project results: outputs, outcomes and impact; and the linkages between the planning methodology and the type of expected results. 
Understand the challenges of working in a planning team. 
Understand the challenges of working with various stakeholders. 
Design impact oriented feasible small scale development projects. 

The course is taught by Mr. Yossi Offer