Congratulations to the January 2018 JBC Brain Science Travel Grant winners

February 25, 2018

 Antonela Dizipio Antonela presented her project “Molecular Recognition of Bitter Taste Receptors” at the Keystone Symposia titled "GPCR Structure and Function: Taking GPCR Drug Development and Discovery to the Next Level” in February 2018. Antonela is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition, at HUJI. Her postdoctoral research activity aims at understanding the molecular recognition of bitter taste. Supervisor: Prof. Masha Niv

Chen chenGuetta  presented her project “Where Does Time Go When You Blink?” at the Timing Research Forum in October 2017. Chen is a second year M.A. student of Clinical Neuropsychology at HUJI. Supervisor: Ayelet Landau


 Anhaidadreas Haida  presented his project “Language and Reasoning” at the 21st Amsterdam Colloquium in December 2017. Andreas is a postdoctoral fellow at Professor Yosef Grodzinsky's Neurolinguistics Lab at the Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences.


 Oshrat OshratShtangel will present her project “Quantifying the Effect of Lipid Composition on Water Proton Relaxation” at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine conference in June 2018. Oshrat is a third year M.Sc. student in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences program at HUJI. Member of the Mada [“Science”] Excellence Program. Supervisor: Aviv Mezer

The JBC Brain Science Travel Grant assists students and post-doctoral fellows from JBC Member labs to attend conferences, workshops, and courses abroad in order to present lectures or posters. The next call to apply for this grant will be on May 2018. For more information click here.