Congratulations to our New Fellowship Winners

July 4, 2017
Picture of new fellowship winners

Congratulations to our New Fellowship Winners:

Post Doc's:

  • Shir Hofstetter (PI amir Amedi, Ein Kerem) for her research Structural and Functional Brain (re)Organization following Sensory Deprivation and Learning 
  • Igor Medici de Mattos (PI Guy Bloch, Safra) for his research CRISPR-Cas9 mediated DNA editing in bees: a new approach for understanding how the circadian clock influences complex behavior


  • Adina Hazan (PI Avi Priel, Ein Kerem) for her proposal: The Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Polymodal Pain Receptors
  • Rotem Ruach (PI Alon Zaslover, Safra) for his proposal: Generation and propagation of pulses in the C. elegans neural network


  • Assaf Brown (Pi's Israel Nelkin and Yossi Grodzinsky Safra), for his proposal: Syntactic Priming and Other Indicators for Association of Music and Language in the Brain 
  • Diana Moroshek (PI Ehud Zohary, Safra) for her proposal: Spatial Representation in the Newly Sighted

Our first International Winner,

Arielle Hochberg, (The University of Sydney), for her proposal: The Role of Protein S in Neurogenesis, under the supervision of JBC member Tal Burstyn-Cohen , Ein Kerem.