Student-Initiated Workshop Grant

November 5, 2015
Student-Initiated Workshop Grant

The Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC) aims to encourage future generations of brain researchers (graduate and postdoctoral students) the opportunity to create and develop new links, with local and international researchers in the various fields of brain studies.

As part of our mission, the JBC supports annually, a Student Initiative Workshop Grant of $35,000 for a Workshop/Conference to be organized totally by students. In addition, each of the students of the winning application, will be awarded a travel scholarship of $1,000, to attend an international conference, related to their research topic.

This year’s student conference winners, Michael Peer, PhD, Greg Peters-Founshtein, MD-PhD, and Noam Saadon-Grosman, PhD in Neuro-psychiatry, (PI Shahar Arzy) organized this year's conference, Space and Time in the Brain, held in Jerusalem, December 7-8, 2016.  They stated, “Participating in the JBC’s Student Initiated Workshop has been an invaluable opportunity. We established important connections with world renown researchers, increased our exposure as researchers in our field of study, as well as, experienced organizing an international conference, early on in our scientific careers.”

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