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  • Failure of Origin Activation in Response to Fork Stalling Leads to Chromosomal Instability at Fragile Sites. 
    Ozeri-Galai E, Lebofsky R, Rahat A,. Bester AC, Bensimon A, Kerem B. Mol Cell. 2011;43(1):122-31. Link to paper

Nature Reviews Cancer

Faculty of 1000 Biology, must read recommended (two evaluations)

  • Nucleotide deficiency promotes genomic instability in early stages of cancer development. Bester AC, Roniger M,Oren YS, Im MM, Sarni D, Chaoat M, Bensimon A, Zamir G, Shewach DS and Kerem. Cell. 2011; 145(3):435-446. Link to paper




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Faculty of 1000 Biology, must read recommended