HUJI/TAU Winter School in Syntax

The Winter School in Syntax takes place in Jerusalem from 17.12. to 21.12.2017. The school will address some of the central questions in syntactic theory and linguistic theory more generally. The School will consist of three courses. There will be three lectures (one per each course) every day. 

Prior to the School, there will be preparatory reading group meetings. All the preparatory readings as well as the materials for the school are posted on this site.

The Winter School is part of the HUJI/TAU Joint Graduate Program in Linguistics. It is hosted by the Language, Logic and Cognition Center.

Everyone interested in syntax/linguistics is welcome to register on this site and attend all the events! Students requiring credit can register for course 36885.

The list of courses:

1) More on the syntax of silence, Klaus Abels (UCL)
2) Anaphora and Logophoricity, Isabelle Charnavel (Harvard U.)  
3) A and A' movement, Susi Wurmbrand (U. of Connecticut & U. of Vienna)

For additional information, please contact Luka Crnič.