Mini-course in May

Elena Anagnostopoulou (University of Crete) is teaching a mini-course "Issues in the Lexicon-Syntax Interface." The course will take place on 19-20/5 and 22/5 in the LLCC Seminar Room.


This course will investigate the lexicon-syntax interface focusing on coercion phenomena and what they reveal about the basic components of verb meaning, their syntactic representation and the architecture of vP. Specifically, I will present two case studies on coercion in Greek: 

The (un)availability of coercion of three types of denominal instrument (manner) verbs into result verbs in target state adjectival participles that bring out result properties of verbs, and the theoretical implications of the relevant phenomena for the representation of manners and results and the Manner-Result Complementarity Hypothesis.

Coercion of  verbs of spatial configuration and (certain) externally caused verbs into experiencer object predicates falling under Belletti & Rizzi’s (1988) Class II preoccupare ‘worry’ verbs, and its implications for (i) the syntax of eventive experiencer object constructions and (ii) the role of Voice in delimiting domains of idiosyncratic meanings.

The phenomena in question offer a window into the interaction of root meaning with syntactic structure.