Special talk by Tue Trinh

We are delighted to announce a special talk by Tue Trinh (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) on Sunday, 16/7, at 14:15. Everyone is welcome to attend! If you would like to join via Skype, please email Luka Crnic.

A note on the substitution source,
Tue Trinh (UWM)

Richard Breheny, Jacopo Romoli, Nathan Kleindinst, and Yasutada Sudo recently posted a paper arguing against the structural approach to alternatives. The empirical force of their argument comes mostly from challenges raised against Trinh & Haida's (2015) paper published in Natural Language Semantics. In this talk I will respond to these challenges, showing how they can be met by a revision of Trinh and Haida's (2015) theory which appeals to even more details of syntactic analysis than the original proposal. The revision turns out to be independently justified in two respects: (i) it captures the distribution of ignorance inferences more adequately than previous accounts; (ii) it makes unexpected predictions about particularized implicatures which cannot be dismissed as false, thus providing a stimulus for future experimental work.