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Post-doctoral fellows

James Collins

I’m a postdoc this year at the LLCC. I’m primarily interested in the interface between syntax and semantics/pragmatics. A lot of my work has drawn on languages from the Austronesian family, especially Samoan and Tagalog. I am originally from Sydney, Australia where I studied linguistics at the University of Sydney, before completing a PhD in linguistics at Stanford University. Most recently I’ve been thinking about definiteness and its relationship to syntax, the interaction of presupposition and implicature, and the scope-taking properties of adverbial modifiers. I also have a long-standing interest in Polynesian morphosyntax. In my spare time, I’m interested in films, fitness, politics, and learning languages. 

Julie Fadlon

I’m a psycholinguist studying how speakers express messages and listeners comprehend them. I’m especially interested in the ways processing pressures and grammar interact in determining structural choices, lexical retrieval and syntactic integration. I run behavioral experiments in the lab and on the internet using offline and online measures. My current research is focused on the formation and resolution of long distance (filler-gap) dependencies within and across grammars; the representation and processing of nominal and adjectival concepts; and the flexibility of the language control system across bilingual populations.

Todd Snider

I received my PhD from Cornell in 2017. I'm interested in semantics and pragmatics, and have worked on topics including anaphora, at-issueness, comparatives, and counterfactuals.

Graduate students

Noa Bassel (HUJI-TAU Program)

I have an MA in linguistics from Tel Aviv university. My interests: Syntax, Semantics, Sociolinguistics. Currently working on the Hebrew reflexive anaphor, the syntax of speech verbs and social variation in Modern Hebrew. 

Zeev Goldschmidt

Yaara Lador

My name is Ya'ara, and I'm starting this semester my PH.D. in Education, by the supervision of Prof. Avital Deutsch. My main research interests are the role of consonants and vowels in Hebrew. I studied my B.A. in Psychology and History of Art and my M.A. in Education, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Bar Luzon

I have a B.A. in Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently an M.A. student in Philosophy. Interested in philosophy of language and logic.