LLCC Seminar - Aynat Rubinstein (Linguistics,HUJI)


Monday, March 16, 2015, 3:00pm to 4:30pm

See also: LLCC Seminar


room 200, The Australian Research and Graduate Studies Complex, School of Education, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

Title: On gradable modality and neg-raising: the role of comparison

Abstract: A subclass of necessity modals, including the so-called weak obligation modals 'ought' and 'should', are distinguished from other necessity modals in exhibiting gradability and giving rise to neg-raising interpretations. As such, these modals are similar to evaluative and comparative adjectives like 'better' and 'preferable'. In this talk, I explore a pragmatically-grounded analysis of necessity that can (i) be used to articulate a degree semantics for modality (using the familiar tools of a Kratzerian quantificational semantics), and (ii) shed light on the neg-raising behavior of 'ought/should' and their kin.