LLCC Seminar - Edit Doron (Linguistics,HUJI)


Monday, November 10, 2014, 2:30pm to 4:00pm

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room 200, The Australian Research and Graduate Studies Complex, School of Education, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

Joint Meeting with TAU Linguistics.

Title: The Hebrew Locative Alternation

Abstract: In many languages, locative verbs display a syntactic alternation in the alignment pattern of their arguments, including verbs of putting (e.g. spread butter on the baking tray/ spread the baking tray with butter) and verbs of removal (empty water from the pool / empty the pool of water). Many locative verbs undergo this alternation in Biblical Hebrew. Some of them no longer alternate in Modern Hebrew, and we will seek to explain which still do, on the basis of our semantic account for the distinction between alternating and non-alternating locative verbs in the so-called verb-framed languages (Talmy’s Typology). We account for the surprising preposition identity found in verb-framed languages in the two alignment patterns. The two English prepositions on/with in the examples above are realized as the single preposition be- in both alignments patterns of Hebrew putting verbs, and the two prepositions from/of are realized as the single preposition mi- in removal verbs.

Joint work with Keren Dubnov.