LLCC Seminar - Michal Ben Shachar (Linguistics,BIU)


Monday, March 9, 2015, 2:30pm to 4:00pm

See also: LLCC Seminar


room 200, The Australian Research and Graduate Studies Complex, School of Education, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

Title: Cerebral and cerebellar pathways underlying speech production and visual word recognition in adults and children
Speech production and visual word recognition both rely on long range white matter pathways which connect distant brain regions engaged in processing different aspects of linguistic information. We use diffusion MRI to quantify structural properties of white matter pathways in children and adults, and we use targeted behavioral measures in the same individuals in order to identify structure-function relationships. I will present recent data from our studies of reading development in full term and preterm born children, as well as new results from our ongoing studies of white matter pathways in adults who stutter. We will discuss the contribution of these findings to our understanding of the extended language system in healthy and impaired individuals.