LLCC Seminar


As in the previous years, the LLCC seminar will take place on Mondays 2:30-4PM in the LLCC Seminar Room (unless announced otherwise). The current schedule for the year, subject to change, is below the fold. 

First semester

3/11 Luka Crnič - Remarks on slovenian degree constructions
10/11 Edit Doron - The Hebrew Locative Alternation
17/11 Inbal Arnon - Multiword phrase as building blocks for language: implications for models of language representation
1/12 Stephen Schiffer - Meaning and Formal Semantics in Generative Grammar
15-29/12 Kyle Johnson - Multidominance in Movement and Ellipsis
5/1 Aviv Hoffman - A new theory of propositions
12/1 Eli Nelken - Auditory representations of sequential context
19/1 Naama Goren - Some insight into Acheulian cognitive abilities (ca. 1 million years ago)
26/1 Nora Boneh - The syntax and semantics of dative arguments: evidence from A-binding in Russian

Second semester

2/3 Noam Faust - What is the sound of a rhyme branching?
9/3 Michal Ben Shachar - Cerebral and cerebellar pathways underlying speech production and visual word recognition in adults and children
16/3 Aynat Rubinstein -  On gradable modality and neg-raising: the role of comparison
13-27/4 Paul Egre - Vagueness and Trivalence in Natural Language
4/5 Mickey London - Singing Mice
11/5 Assaf Toledo - Semantic Modeling of Textual Entailment
25/5 Aya Meltzer-Asscher - Resumptive pronouns in Hebrew: Grammatical status and processing

1/6 Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal - The NP-Strategy for Expressing Reciprocity: History and Semantics  

8-22/6 David Barner - Number and Natural Language