The research group headed by Prof. S. Magdassi focuses on materials science and nanotechnology. The main research fields of the group are formation and stabilization of inorganic and organic nanomaterials, formulation of these materials in various inks and delivery systems, and their application in a variety of fields such as 3D and functional printing, solar energy and bio-medical systems. Current research projects include: conductive inks for printed electronics, transparent conductive electrodes, materials for 3D printing, inkjet inks formulations, coatings and inks for solar energy applications, nanoparticles for bio-imaging, drug delivery and cosmetic formulations.

Based on some of the research projects, commercial activities evolved leading to worldwide sales and establishing new companies.

  • Picture of the group members

    The Magdassi Group

  • Ido slide 2

    Additive manufacturing of transparent silica glass from solutions

    3D printing of ceramic solution ink enables 3D transparent fused silica glass with controllable densities and refractive indices

  • Efrat slide

    3D printed organic-ceramic complex hybrid structures with high silica content

    New hybrid organic-inorganic ink for 3D printing was developed, enabling fabrication of complex objects with superior properties

  • Self-assembled transparent rings composed of metal nanoparticles

    Self-assembled transparent rings composed of metal nanoparticles

    Inkjet printing of silver NP on top of flexible substrates enabled formation of micrometer sized rings. By connecting the rings

  • Inkjet printed copper lines using MOD ink

    Pattern inkjet printed with copper MOD ink

  • Transparent electrode fabrication by "hole formation"

    Transparent electrode fabrication by "hole formation"

    By inkjet printing of a solution ink on top of a continuous layer composed of metal NP, holes are formed within the layer.

  • Schem of RTP method and examples on plastic and curved glass

    Self-reducing copper precursor combined with a new method, Reactive Transfer Printing (RTP)

    The method is used to pattern copper on various 2D and 3D substrates

  • Dinesh slide

    3D printed multi-material elastomeric structures than upon stretching emits light without external power.

    The light emittance from the stretched printed structures can be harvested for photo-voltaic functionality.

  • Self-assembled transparent grids composed of silver nanopartciles

    Self-assembled transparent grids composed of silver nanopartciles

    By controlling the wetting properties and utilizing capillary motion, we formed transparent grids by simple placing of a silver

  • Printed silver ink

    Inkjet printing of silver NP ink for fabrication of flexible conductive patterns utilized in electronic devices.

    Due to the unique properties of the silver NP ink, it enables sintering at low temperatures, thus, can be printed on plastics

  • Picture of electrochromic devices fabricated using self assembled transparent electrodes

    Electrochromic devices fabricated using self assembled transparent electrodes

    Inkjet printing of electrochromic ink composed of WO3 NP on top of a transparent conductive grid, enabled formation of electroch

  • Description of the process: Contaminant Removal with 3D Printed Zeolite Monoliths
  • 3D printing YAG

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