Colloid and Interface Science

Colloid and interface science is an interdisciplinary science combining chemistry and physics of heterogeneous systems consisting of aggregated amphiphilic molecules (micelles) dispersed in liquids, droplets of a liquid dispersed in another immiscible liquid (microemulsions, miniemulsions, and emulsions), and particles with a size range of 1 – 1000 nm, which are dispersed in a liquid. Since most colloidal systems are dynamically unstable, the addition of stabilizing agents (surfactants or polymers) acting by adsorbing at the surface of the dispersed particles and providing electrostatic, steric, or electrosteric, stabilization, is required

Colloid and interface science is widely applied in the chemical industry and in various fields such as pharmaceutics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, ceramics, paints and ink formulations. 

For a real life example on a colloidal system watch an read our movie: "Tahini Water-in-Oil Emulsion Turns Into Oil-in-Water Emulsion" followed by an explanation.

The research projects of our group are in general in two main fields: (i) nanoemulsion and  microemulsion formulations for applications such as drug delivery, imaging, cosmetics and agriculture and (ii) dispersions of nanoparticles for functional printing and coatings. Theses dispersions are applied as conductive inks for printed electronics (metallic nanoparticles and CNTs for fabrication of 2D and 3D electronic devices), solar absorbers in thermosolar and optical coatings, and organic materials as delivery systems. Several of the research activities will are described in the various sections of this website.

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