Yaniv Binyamin

Yaniv Binyamin

Yaniv  Binyamin

I am a PhD student working on graphene based high performance coating materials. In addition I work as a director in the Solar-Thermal industry , Managing Chemistry and Materials Engineering departments in BrightSource Energy.

 My M.Sc.  from Ben-Gurion University,  Materials Engineering Dept. & Chemistry Division, Nuclear Research Centre of the Negev, thesis: "Synthesis and Structure Characterization of Composite Matrixes for Hydrogen Storage", B.Sc.  with Metallurgical Division, Magnesium Research Institute of Dead Sea Works, Eng project : "Environmental behavior of Magnesium Alloys under static stresses"

Previous Experience,  3 years' experience as Projects Manager & Scientist, R&D Department at Medinol. (Medical Devices), 3 years' experience as Metallurgical  QA & Electrochemical Engineering leader at Bet Shemesh Engines (Aerospace engines).

Patents  ,

Magdassi S, Mandler D, Baidossi M, Assa R, Chernin O, Binyamin Y.; 2014. "Solar-radiation-absorbing formulations, application of paint, painted metal article and related apparatus".

Magdassi S, Mandler D, Baidossi M, Larush L, Zwicker C, Nirenberg A, Binyamin Y.; 2014. "High absorptivity, heat resistant coatings and related apparatus and methods"