3D Printed Ferrofluid Based Soft Actuators


Keneth ES, Epstein AR, Harari MS, Pierre RS, Magdassi S, Bergbreiter S. 3D Printed Ferrofluid Based Soft Actuators, in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) ; 2019 :7569 - 7574.

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This work demonstrates 3D printed soft actuators with complex shapes and remote actuation using an external magnetic field. Instead of embedding magnetic particles in a polymeric matrix, we fabricated a novel ferrofluid-based actuator, in which the fluid can be moved to different locations in the actuator to affect actuator response. We studied the effect of both the ferrofluid and the 3D printed material on the motion of simple actuators using 3D printed tubes. In addition, we 3D printed more complex actuators mimicking a human hand and a worm to demonstrate more complex motion.