Biocompatible polymeric beads and use thereof.


The present invention relates to biocompatible polymeric beads and to biocompatible delivery systems comprising same for controlled or sustained release of bioactive mols. In particular, the invention relates to polymeric beads having a two-phase core and shell structure and to polymeric delivery systems comprising same that provide sustained release of the bioactive compd. A method of prepg. the biocompatible polymeric beads, comprises: (1) mixing an aq. soln. or suspension of the bioactive compd. in an oily phase to form a water-in-oil emulsion, in the presence of at least one surface active agent; (2) homogenizing the mixt.; (3) applying a polymeric shell around small droplets of the emulsion by means of core/shell extrusion; and (4) solidifying the shell to form two phase core-and-shell-structured polymeric beads. For example, both emulsion and suspension bead expts. were conducted with micronized halofuginone·HBr (I). A water-in-oil emulsion was prepd., in which the internal phase contained I and the oil was sunflower oil. Beads were formed by a core-shell double nozzle using a shell soln. contg. Na alginate and a crosslinking agent contg. CaCl2. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2005:1026496(Patent)