A chewing gum for preventing tooth decay.


Steinberg D, Magdassi S, Kamyshny A, Zegerman H, Letzter A.; 2006. A chewing gum for preventing tooth decay.


Organoleptically acceptable chewing gums (composed of a gum base, at least one edible acid, and optionally other ingredients) are characterized by high adherence to plaque bacteria. Thus, a ratio between gum base and malic acid of 60:1.8 may be used. A method for prepg. the chewing gum includes triturating a coloring agent (e.g., carmoisine). A method for com. producing and marketing the chewing gums includes testing the chewing gums for adhesion to bacteria, such as plaque bacteria. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2006:888424(Patent)