Dead Sea mineral-based cosmetics--facts and illusions


Ma'or Z, Magdassi S, Efron D, Yehuda S. Dead Sea mineral-based cosmetics--facts and illusions. Isr J Med SciIsrael journal of medical sciences. 1996;32 Suppl :S28-35.

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Modern Dead Sea cosmetics have developed in order to meet the demands of new regulations, technical opportunities, and today's consumer expectations for higher quality standards and proven performance. As an example of the application of this approach, the authors describe the development of a new cosmetic formulation, based on "Osmoter", a special Dead Sea mineral composition, and the evaluation of this formulation's effect on the depth of skin wrinkles, by a controlled assay. Possible mode of action is discussed.[on SciFinder (R)]


MEDLINE AN 1996348050(Journal; Article; (JOURNAL ARTICLE))