Microemulsions based on anionic gemini surfactant.


Magdassi S, Ben Moshe M, Talmon Y, Danino D. Microemulsions based on anionic gemini surfactant. Colloids Surf., AColloids and Surfaces, A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 2003;212 (1) :1 - 7.

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Oil in water microemulsions were prepd. using didodecyldiphenylether disulfonate gemini-type surfactant (C12-DADS), water, oil (toluene) and a co-solvent (short chain alc. such as 1-propanol). The phase diagrams for microemulsions with gemini surfactants were detd. and compared to those of structurally related surfactants, monododecyldiphenylether disulfonate (C12-MADS) and monododecyldiphenylether monosulfonate (C12-MAMS). Cond. measurements and direct imaging by cryo-TEM were performed to characterize the phases. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2002:913287(Journal)