Preparation of total nutrient admixtures as stable multicomponent liquids or dry powders.


Stabilized total nutrient admixt. (TNA) compns., useful for the in vivo parenteral delivery of pharmacol. acceptable lipids or fats, as well as methods for their prepn. are described. In particular, the pharmacol. acceptable lipid or fat is contained within a biocompatible polymer, e.g., a protein, walled shell. In a particular embodiment of the invention, a TNA compn. using human serum albumin (HSA) as a stabilizer has been prepd. as a convenient three-in-one formulation (i.e., contg. a fat emulsion, dextrose, and amino acids plus electrolytes). This "three-in-one" formulation can be prepd. in liq. form or in dry form (comprising submicron-sized nanoparticles). The dried material is stable, even under long term storage, and is easily reconstituted immediately before use by simply adding sterile water (with or without vitamin supplementation). This serves to rehydrate the powder into a TNA suitable for injection. The long shelf life, ease of reconstitution, and single-component injectability of invention compns. provide significant cost savings, as such compns. can be reconstituted and administered safely, even at home. In addn., HSA, the stabilizing agent of choice for use in the practice of the present invention, has been shown to improve survival and wellness when given as a supplement to patients receiving conventional forms of total nutrient admixts. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2003:169983(Patent)