Production of nanoemulsions for improving light fastness of inks.


A nanoemulsion useful for improving light-fastness of water-based inks comprises nanodroplets of UV stabilizer in water, wherein the nanodroplets comprise (a) water-immiscible liq. phase, which is a UV stabilizer or a mixt. of UV stabilizers, (b) submicron solid particles of at least one UV stabilizer dispersed within said nanodroplets, and wherein the av. size of the droplets is < 350 nm. The nanoemulsion may further comprise one or more light fastness agents selected from UV absorbers, UV blockers, antioxidants, singlet oxygen quenchers, super oxide anion quenchers, ozone quenchers, visible light absorbers, or IR absorbers. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2009:220914(Patent)