Production of transparent conductive coatings with ring-like microstructures for optoelectronic and electronic devices and the coated substrates and devices.


Methods for the manuf. of a conductive transparent film on a substrate are described which entail coating the substrate with a first material to form a wet film of the first material on at least a region of a surface of the substrate; treating the film with at least one second material capable of displacing the first material in the film at the point of contact to expose the substrate to provide an array of spaced apart ring-voids in the film; and optionally treating the film to render the first material conductive. Methods for the manuf. of a conductive transparent pattern on a substrate are also described which entail treating a substrate with a plurality of droplets of a conductive material and permitting the droplets to form an array of intersecting ring structures on the substrate, the conductive material being selected from a combination of one or more metals or metal precursors, a semiconductor material, a carbon-based material, and/or quantum dots to obtain a conductive transparent pattern on the substrate. The substrate may comprise a material selected from glass, paper, inorg. or org. semiconductor materials, polymeric materials, and ceramics. Substrates are also described which are provided with a conductive transparent film of a material having a plurality of spaced apart material-free voids. Devices (e.g., photoconductors, photodiodes, solar cells, light emitting diodes, org. light emitting diodes, lasers, light sensors, transistors, org. transistors, inorg. transistors, hybrid transistors, touch screens, display backplanes, large area display arrays, flexible displays, electromagnetic interference shielding layers, and e-paper) provided with ≥1 of the conductive films are also described. [on SciFinder(R)]


CAPLUS AN 2011:558400(Patent)