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Nizri E, Eyal S, Magdassi S.; 2017. Indocyanine green formulations and methods for intraoperative localization of rectal tumors.Abstract
The present invention relates to an imaging compn. for use in localization, e.g., intraoperative localization, of a tumor, in particular a gastrointestinal or colon tumor, e.g., in intraoperative localization of a rectal tumor during laparoscopic anterior resection, which comprises particles each comprising a phospholipid, wherein a near-IR fluorescent probe is non-covalently linked to the particle. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Larush L, Cooperstein I, Ashok Pawar A.; 2017. Particulate photoinitiators and uses thereof.Abstract
The invention provides a novel class of solid water-dispersible powders, comprising a plurality of water-insol. photoinitiators in nanoparticle forms for use in water-based ink formulations. [on SciFinder(R)]
Banin U, Soreq H, Magdassi S, Waiskopf N, Ben-Shahar Y, Ashok Pawar A, Halivni S.; 2017. Hybrid nanoparticles as photoinitiators.Abstract
The invention provides a novel photoinitiator in the form of a hybrid nanoparticle constructed of a semiconductor and metallic regions, and uses thereof. [on SciFinder(R)]
Banin U, Magdassi S, Shemesh S, Halivni S, Vinetsky Y.; 2016. Patterns of fluorescent seeded nanorods.Abstract
The invention provides novel means for fabricating patterns and objects comprising nanorods, while reducing inter-particle interaction. [on SciFinder(R)]
Ron G, Magdassi S, Cooperstein I, Layani M, Mishnayot Y.; 2015. Methods for fabricating 3-dimentional scintillators.Abstract
The methods of the invention permit design modalities which are currently unavailable in the printing of scintillating materials and objects, significantly reducing difficulties assocd. with manuf. of scintillating materials, decrease development time and assocd. costs. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Zwicker C, Mhaisalkar SG, Mandler D, Levi L, Azoubel S.; 2015. Spectrally selective solar thermal coating combining a light-absorbing coating and an infrared reflecting layer positioned on top of the absorber coating.Abstract
The invention relates to a light-absorbing element coated on at least a region of its surface with a film of at least one light-absorbing material, the light-absorbing material being assocd. with at least one binder material, the film being 1 - 20 μm thick and having light absorption of at least 90%. The invention also relates to a device comprising a light-absorbing element. The invention also claims a thermosolar device comprising a light-absorbing element. The invention also relates to a method of fabricating a light-absorbing film on a surface region of a substrate, the method comprising: (a) forming on a surface region at least one absorbing layer comprising: (I) a light-absorbing material; and (II) a polymerizable binder resin; (b) heating the at least one absorbing layer to induce polymn. of the binder resin; and (c) optionally forming at least one IR radiation reflecting layer on the polymd. binder. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Lee PS, Kamyshny A, Mandler D, Darmawan P, Layani M.; 2015. Electrochromic device.Abstract
A method of manufg. an electrochromic device is provided. The method includes providing a patterned arrangement of an elec. conductive material; and applying one or more layers of an electrochromic material to the patterned arrangement, wherein at least a portion of the electrochromic material is in elec. contact with the elec. conductive material. An electrochromic device and an electrochromic ink compn. are also provided. [on SciFinder(R)]
Grouchko M, Magdassi S.; 2015. Process for controlling wettability features using a novel ink formulation.Abstract
The invention provides a process of forming a continuous pattern on a surface composed of two or more surface regions, each of the regions being of a different surface energy, the process utilizing a novel ink formulation for printing on such multi-region surfaces. [on SciFinder(R)]
Eyal S, Magdassi S, Portnoy E, Zauberman J, Polyak B, Golenser J, Mardor Y, Ekstein D.; 2014. Compositions comprising near-infrared fluorescent particles and uses thereof for imaging activated immune cells in the CNS.Abstract
Pharmaceutical compn. comprising nanoparticles configured for enhanced phagocytosis by phagocytic cells and labeled with a near-IR (NIR) fluorescent probe bound to the outer surface thereof are provided, and uses thereof in the detection of activated immune cells in the central nervous system (CNS) of a subject. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Mandler D, Baidossi M, Larush L, Zwicker C, Nirenberg A, Binyamin Y.; 2014. High absorptivity, heat resistant coatings and related apparatus and methods.Abstract
A paint formulation can include an inorg. oxide-based pigment and an org. binder. The org. binder can be irreversibly converted to an inorg. binder upon curing of the paint formulation at a temp. greater than 200° C. The oxide-based pigment and/or the paint formulation itself can have an absorptivity of at least 80% with respect to the AM 1.5 spectrum. The paint formulation can also include at least one org. solvent, an inorg. filler, and/or at least one additive. Such paint formulations may be stable at high temps. (e.g., 750° C.) and can be used as solar-radiation-absorbing heat-resistant coatings for components of a solar tower system. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Mandler D, Baidossi M, Assa R, Chernin O, Binyamin Y.; 2014. Solar-radiation-absorbing formulations, application of paint, painted metal article and related apparatus.Abstract
Paint formulations having a high absorptivity with respect to solar radiation are described. The paint formulations are also thermally and mech. durable, enabling the paint formulations to be used on components in solar thermal applications where exposure to high temps. and environmental conditions may be an issue. The paint formulation can include an oxide-based pigment, an org. binder, ≥1 additives, an inorg. filler, and/or an org. solvent. The pigment can have a relatively high absorptivity with respect to light having a wavelength in the range 250-3000 nm. Curing of the paint formulation can irreversibly convert the org. binder into an inorg. binder. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Shapira A, Layani M, Cooperstein I.; 2014. Three-dimensional conductive patterns and inks for making same.Abstract
The invention generally relates to polymerizable conductive ink formulations comprising at least one metal source, at least one monomer and/or oligomer and a polymn. initiator, and uses thereof for printing three-dimensional functional structures. In particular a method of fabricating a three-dimensional conductive pattern on a substrate is disclosed, the method comprising: (a) forming a pattern on a surface region of a substrate by using an ink comprising at least one metal source, at least one liq. polymerizable monomer and/or oligomer, and at least one polymn. initiator; (b) polymg. at least a portion of said liq. monomer and/or oligomer; (c) rendering the metal source a continuous percolation path for elec. cond. (sintering); (d) repeating steps (a), (b) and optionally (c) to obtain a three-dimensional conductive pattern. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Larush L, Mendelson C, Oron M, Maor Z, Afriat-Staloff IR, Privorotski M.; 2013. Dispersions in oil of Dead Sea nano sized material preparation and uses thereof in topical application.Abstract
The present disclosure is directed to dispersions of a Dead Sea material in oil, the Dead Sea material is present in the dispersions in the form of solid nanoparticles. Further disclosed are formulations comprising the dispersions, method of treating and/or preventing diseases or disorders of the skin comprising topical application of the dispersions or formulations thereof onto a skin of a subject, method of inducing a heat sensation on the skin of a subject by topically applying the dispersions or formulations thereof onto a skin of a subject and methods of prepg. the dispersions. Thus, an oil phase was prepd. by dissolving 1.8 g (9 wt%) Abil Em 90 in 11.48 g (57.4 wt%) cyclomethicone, 1 g (5 wt%) DOW 9041, 0.02 g (0.1 wt%) Vitamin E Acetate and 0.2 g (1 wt%) Retinyl palmitate mixt.; an aq. phase was prepd. by adding a 0.5 g (2.5 wt%) Dead Sea water (40 % dead sea salt, 1 % DSS final concn.) to 4.2 g (21 wt%) deionized water, 0.2 g (1 wt%) glycerol, 0.4 g (2 wt%) 1,3-propane diol and 0.2 g (1 wt%) PVP (MW = 40000); the total wt. of water and oil phase was 20 g; the aq. phase was added to the oil phase while being mixed for 10 min with a high speed homogenizer at a speed of 13000 rpm with or without addnl. sonication; the nanoparticles were obtained by water evapn. at reduced pressure (15 mbar, 50 °C for 40 min); the nanoparticles size obtained in the two processes, with and without sonication, measured by DLS was 99 nm and 255 nm, resp. [on SciFinder(R)]
Grouchko M, Magdassi S.; 2013. Inks containing metal precursor nanoparticles for forming a conductive pattern having high oxidation resistance at ambient atmosphere.Abstract
Disclosed are novel ink formulations based on metal salts and metal complexes dispersed in a suitable liq. carrier. Also disclosed are a method of forming a printing formulation, a process for forming a conductive pattern on a surface region of a substrate using the printing formulation, and a conductive pattern obtainable by the process, wherein said conductive pattern has high oxidn. resistance at ambient atm and low sheet resistance. [on SciFinder(R)]
Gabizon R, Ovadia H, Abramsky O, Magdassi S, Larush L.; 2013. Pomegranate oil for preventing and treating neurodegenerative diseases.Abstract
The present invention relates to the use of pomegranate seed oil and fractions thereof for preventing and treating neurodegenerative diseases. Particularly, the present invention relates to emulsions of the pomegranate oil or fractions thereof for the prevention and treatment of brain diseases, including Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (CJD) and multiple sclerosis (MS). The pomegranate seed oil or fraction thereof is administered in a form of an emulsion as a medical food, a functional food, a food additive, or a dietary supplement. A self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) comprising pomegranate seed oil 31.46%, Tween 80 44%, Span 80 19.5%, and ethanol 4.97% was exemplified. Also, pomegranate oil and punicic acid significantly inhibited the toxic effect of copper in a transgenic mouse model of genetic prion disease, as measured by elevated percentage of cell survival. [on SciFinder(R)]
Silberstein T, Lutz R, Magdassi S, Tzadok B.; 2012. Natural formulations comprising plant extract.Abstract
The present invention provides an all natural compn. comprising naturally-obtained plant exts. Exts. of Sapindus mukorossi was prepd. and used in a cosmetic compn. for skin care. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Lazarovici P, Larush L, Portnoy E, Lecht S, Tivony R.; 2012. Near infrared fluorescent particles and uses thereof.Abstract
The present invention provides particles comprising either a water-sol. polymer or a phospholipid, wherein at least one near-IR (NIR) fluorescent probe and optionally at least one active agent such as a targeting moiety, capable of selectively recognizing a particular cellular marker, are non-covalently bound to the outer surface of the particles. Pharmaceutical compns. comprising these particles may be used, inter alia, for detection and treatment of tumors in the gastrointestinal tract. Anti-CEA-FITC-labeled indocyanine green (ICG)-adsorbed Eudragit RS-casein sodium salt polycationic nanoparticles were prepd. and used for in vivo specific recognition in and imaging of colons of LS174T tumor-bearing mice. Well identified LS174T tumors were successfully marked by the nanoparticles. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Eliav E, Lavie D.; 2012. Coffee-based printing ink for food use.Abstract
A liq. coloring compn. comprises a coffee soln. or coffee ext. and an ink vehicle. The coloring compn. (composed of edible components) is suitable for use as an ink in a non-impact printing device, including an ink jet type printer. Thus, an ink formulation may include 89.9% coffee conc., 5% propylene glycol, 5% glycerol, and 0.1% Tween 80. A process for applying a design to a food substrate includes use of a non-impact printing device, in which the ink cartridge or external container contains this coloring compn. [on SciFinder(R)]
Magdassi S, Layani M.; 2012. Flexible transparent conductive coatings by direct room temperature evaporative lithography.Abstract
The invention provides a process for forming highly ordered, conductive and transparent patterns on flexible heat-sensitive surfaces. The invention relates to sintering nanoparticles at room temp. Patterning is done by a patterning device and the self-assembly of the nanoparticles. [on SciFinder(R)]
Salzman AL, Magdassi S, Margulis-Goshen K.; 2011. Compositions and methods for prevention and treatment of pulmonary hypertension.Abstract
The invention provides compns. and methods for prevention, treatment, or management of pulmonary hypertension using piperidine, pyrrolidine, or azepane derivs. comprising one to four nitric oxide (NO) donor groups and a reactive oxygen species (ROS) degrdn. catalyst. The invention further provides a water dispersible powder comprising nanoparticles comprising said derivs., as well as pharmaceutical compns. thereof and methods of use. Rat exptl. models of pulmonary hypertension were treated for 10 days with 3-nitratomethyl-2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrrolidinyloxy for effective treatment. Dispersible powders contg. nanoparticles of 3-nitratomethyl-2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrrolidinyloxy were prepd. [on SciFinder(R)]