Publications by Year: 1993

Magdassi S. Interactions between proteins and fluorocarbon emulsions. Abstracts of papers of the American chemical society. 1993;205 :21-COLL.
Goldstein B, Magdassi S, Rokem JS. Surface Angle bacterial Colony is Directly Correlated to Hydrophobicity of Bacterium. Microbioss. 1993;75 :181-184.
Sela Y, Garti N, Magdassi S. Surface activity and emulsification properties of new polyethylene glycol-based nonionic surfactants. J. Dispersion Sci. Technol.Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology. 1993;14 (2) :237 - 47.Abstract
New ethoxylated monofatty acid esters are obtained by esterification of 10-undecenoic acid chloride with several well defined polyethylene glycol mono-Me ethers. The monomeric surfactants show interesting surface properties, and they are characterized and compared to other known ethoxylated alcs. (Brijs) and acids (Mirjs). The crit. micelle concn. and area per mol. at the air-water interface are much higher than the similar com. Brijs, due to the special structure of the new surfactant allowing preferred orientation at the interface. [on SciFinder(R)]