Conferences and Workshops

Organizer (together with Prof. Verene Blechinger and Dr. Kai Shulze) of the workshop Globalizing Rivalry? Sino-Japanese Interaction, held in November 12-13, 2015 at the Free University of Berlin. Nineteen scholars from different academic clusters in North America, East Asia, and Europe presented their papers. 

Organizer (together with Dr. Rhee Jooyeon) of the international conference Transnational Cultural Interactions between Korea and Japan, From the Pre-modern to Colonial Period, held in May 17-19 at the Truman Institute. Twenty scholars from Korea, Japan, the US and Europe and three scholars from Israel presented their papers.  

Organizer (together with Dr. Michal Daliot-Bul) of the Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for Japanese Studies (IASJ) held at the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University in May 11-13, 2015.

Organizer (together with Dr. Galia Press-Barnathan) of an international conference titled Popular Culture and International Conflicts: Management, Entrenchment, Resolution and Reconciliation held at the Truman Institute in March 15-16, 2015. The conference brought together scholars interested in the role of popular culture in international conflicts from various academic fields across the social sciences and humanities.

A member in the steering committee of the symposium East and West in Modern Times: Meetings, Conflicts, and Images held in March 8-9, 2015 at the Israeli National Academy of Sciences, Jerusalem.

Organizer (together with Prof. Sugita Yonekuki, Osaka University), of an international symposium on Military Occupation in Comparative Perspective. In this symposium, held in February 16, 2015 at Osaka University, six international scholars presented papers related to the American occupation of Japan from multiple disciplines: history, political science, and anthropology. 

Organizer of a Joint Korean-Israeli workshop on Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Power held at the Truman Institute in November 25, 2015. In this workshop, which is part of a wider collaboration between the Truman Institute and Korea University, Korean and Israeli scholars investigated notions of "soft power" and "cultural diplomacy" with a special emphasis on cases from Korea and the Middle East.

Organizer (together with Dr. Michal Daliot Bul and Dr. Mika Levy-Yamamori) of an international workshop on New Directions in Japanese Studies, held at Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University, and The University of Haifa in November, 9, 11-12, 2015. The workshop brought together scholars from Japan, the US and Israel to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the research of Japan abroad, new methods in Japanese language teaching, and Japanese studies as area studies. The workshop also included a special seminar on "how to publish a manuscript in Asian studies" given by the editor of the Asian book series at Harvard University Press.

Organizer (together with Dr. Jooyeon Rhee and Irina Lyan) of the international conference Cultural Geography of the Hallyu: Mapping the World through Korean Popular Culture, held at the Truman Institute in May 12-15, 2014. An international team of 17 scholars from South Korea, Japan, Canada, the UK, Romania, Austria, the US and Israel, examined the consumption and reception of Korean popular culture in various geographical regions including Western and Eastern Europe, East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, and analyzed the role of transnational cultural flows in creating geographical knowledge

Organizer (together with Dr. Helena Grinshpun) of an International workshop titled Travelling Food and Beverages: In and Out of Japan, held at the Truman Institute in November 3-5, 2013. The workshop brought together 25 Israeli and international scholars and practitioners to explore political, economic, and cultural aspects of the globalization of Japanese cuisine and discuss the variety of issues centered on how food and beverages have “travelled”: that is, circulated, flowed, interacted, transformed within Japan and globally.

Organizer (together with Ira Lyan) the International Conference titled The 'Miracle' Narrative of the Korean Cultural Industries: Perspectives from the Middle East, held at the Truman Institute in May 7-9, 2013. The purpose of this conference was to contribute to the study of the social and cultural influence of Korean contemporary culture in the Middle East within a broader context related to the globalization of Korea's cultural industries and Korea's images and presence in the region.

Organizer (together with Dr. Rebecca Suter, University of Sydney) of an International Symposium titled Rewriting History in Manga: A New Medium for Political Debate? held at the University of Sydney in 17 August 2012. The symposium was an attempt to develop alternative modes of historical memory and political debate in Japan as manifested in Japan’s highly popular comic book industry. Some of the papers given in the symposium are now being revised for the sake of publication as an edited volume in a university press.

Organizer (together with Dr. Shalmit Bejarano) of the international symposium Japan and Israel: Regional, Bilateral, and Cultural Perspectives held at the Truman Institute in 7-9 May, 2012, on the Occasion of Sixty Years of Diplomatic    Relations between Israel and Japan. Fifty-eight scholars from Israel, Japan, and the US presented their papers and took part in the discussions, which were divided into fifteen panels. Twenty of the papers given in the conference are now being reviewed for publication as a special issue in the IAJS (Israeli Association for Japanese Studies) website.

Organizer (together with Dr. Galia Press-Barnathan, IR Department) of a 2-year Study Group at the Truman Institute on Popular Culture and International Conflicts. This project attempts to integrate and relate the study of popular culture to IR literature on conflict resolution and conflict managements. In the first year (2012-2013) we invited scholars from different disciplinary background and area specialization to discuss relevant concepts and themes. In the second year we plan to organize an international conference through a comparative approach looking at different international conflicts.

Organizer (together with Dr. Noga Efrati, Middle East Studies) of an international conference on American Occupation in Comparative Perspective: Japan and Iraq, held at the Truman Institute in March 13-14, 2012, with the participation of twenty-one Israeli and international scholars       working on Japanese and Iraqi/Middle Eastern Studies. The papers are currently being revised for publishing in an edited volume.

Founding Member and Chair of The Israeli Association for Japanese Studies (IAJS) –a cross-university organization made of scholars of Japan in Israel, dedicated to the promotion of research and teaching of Japan. The Association was established in February 26, 2012, with the participation of approximately 100 Israeli scholars and graduate students specializing in Japan. I was elected as the first Chair of the Association (  

Organizer of an International Conference at The Truman Institute, The Hebrew University: Southeast Asia, “Regions” and Social Theory. March 3-4, 2010. This conference looked at the relations between regional studies and social and cultural theory through focusing on the Southeast Asian region. Rather than asking how social theories may illuminate various aspects within a region or area, the attempt was to explore how area studies and more specifically concepts centered on “region,” or “regionalism,” may enrich social theory.

Organizer of an International Conference at The Truman Institute, The Hebrew University: Popular Culture, Cultural Policy, and Cultural Discourse in East and Southeast Asia. May 31- June 2, 2009. An edited volume based on the papers presented in this conference was published in 2011 by Routledge, edited by Nissim Otmazgin and Eyal Ben-Ari.

Organizer of an International Conference at The Center of Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University: Popular Culture Collaborations and Co-           productions in East and Southeast Asia. December 10-11, 2008. An edited volume based on the papers presented in this conference will be published in 2012 by National University of Singapore Press, edited by Nissim Otmazgin and Eyal Ben-Ari.

Founder and Organizer of the Methodological Seminar of Young East Asia Researchers. In these seminars, which have been taking place every year since 2009 (May 25, 2008; May 25, 2009; April 25, 2010; and May 23, 2011), Ph.D. students working on Japan, China, and Korea are invited to present papers dealing with the methodological aspects of their research and share their insights from their field of inquiry. The seminars are hosted by The Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Founder and Organizer of two research groups at The Truman Institute: Area Studies and the Disciplines (2011), and Asian Cities (2011-2012). In these research groups, scholars from various academic disciplines in the social sciences and humanities gather once a month and discuss issues related to these topics. Readings are assigned in advance and each meeting is led by a member of the group.

Organizer of the Seminar Re-thinking Bakumatsu Japan, Hagi, Japan, July 27-29, 2007. In this seminar, hosted by the Hagi Municipality (Yamaguchi Prefecture), an historical city in Western Japan, five Israeli researchers working on Japan gathered for a two-day seminar and presented papers related to Japan's hectic Bakumatsu period (1853-1868).