Karine Jospe

Dr. Karine Jospe

Postdoctoral Researcher
Karin Josep

I completed my BA at the Open University and my MA and PhD at Bar Ilan University. My PhD was supervised by Prof. Michal Lavidor and I focused on the affects of manipulating the Action-Observation Network and its relationship with empathy. Currently, I am doing my postdoctural research at Dr. Anat Perry's Lab focusing on empathic accuracy in healthy individuals and lesion patients.






2019: Jospe, K., Flooel, A., & Lavidor, M. (under review) The interactive effect of empathy and motor cortex stimulation on hand gesture comprehension.

2019: Jospe K., Genzer S., Klein Selle N., Ong D., Zaki J., Perry A. (under revision). The contribution of linguistic and visual cues to physiological synchrony and empathic accuracy.

2018: Jospe, K., Flooel, A., & Lavidor, M. (2018). The Interaction between Embodiment and Empathy in Facial Expression Recognition. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. 13(2) 203–215.

2017: Jospe, K., Flooel, A., & Lavidor, M. (2017). The role of embodiment and individual empathy levels in gesture comprehension. Experimental Psychology. 64(1).56-64.

2014: Mashal, N., Shen, Y., Jospe, K., & Gil, D. (2014). Language effects on the conceptualization of hybrids. Language and Cognition. (6). 1-25.

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