Shir Genzer

Shir Genzer

PhD Student
Shir Genzer


I am a student in the direct PhD program in Psychology at the Hebrew University, interested in the mechanisms that enable our understanding of others' emotions and feelings. Specifically, I investigate how different information channels (visual, auditory) contribute differentially to cognitive and affective empathy in neurotypical and autistic individuals.  In my research, I combine behavioral, psychophysiology and EEG methods as well as advanced statistical methods (e.g., mixed model analysis, Bayesian modeling analysis). I am also involved in projects investigating the effects of sleep disturbances on perception and behavior.




  • Mandelkorn, U., Genzer, S., Choshen-Hillel, S., Reiter, J., Meira e Cruz, M., Hochner, H., ... & Gileles-Hillel, A. (2021). Escalation of sleep disturbances amid the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional international study. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 17(1), 45-53.‏
  • Jospe, K., Genzer, S., klein Selle, N., Ong, D., Zaki, J., & Perry, A. (2020). The contribution of linguistic and visual cues to physiological synchrony and empathic accuracy. Cortex, 132, 296-308.

Video-poster presentations

  • Genzer, S., Rum, Y., & Perry, A. (April 2021). (Why) do we need to see each other during emotional communication?. Society for Affective Science (SAS) Annual [virtual] Conference.



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