We have set a multifaceted platform for the study of molecular layers-solid substrate interactions, covering Organic Chemistry, Surface Science, Molecular and Biomolecular Electronics and Photonics.
Our research group is exploring the role of surface science in assembling novel classes of functional nanolayers and their implementation in molecular and biomolecular electronics and photonics. We investigate fundamental issues related to nanolayers structural organization and growth dictating rational design of a variety of new technologies. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and offers opportunities to advantageously combine principles of synthetic chemistry and materials science to build well defined architectures. The latter are helping us address key issues related to biomedical diagnosis, environmental sensors, unconventional computing, molecular electronics and photoactive materials. While design of new molecules and materials is at the core of our activities, the group is actively involved in a variety of state-of-art characterization studies, including advanced electrochemical methods, spectroscopic ellipsometry, nanoscale electrical measurements, and fabrication of prototype devices.