About Prof. Raya Morag

Curriculum Vitae

Raya Morag (Born on December 15, 1954) in Jerusalem, Israel is a Professor of cinema studies at the Department of Communications and Journalism, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Her research and publications deal with post-traumatic cinema and ethics; cinema, war, terror, genocide, femininity and masculinity; perpetrator trauma; documentary cinema; New German Cinema; Vietnam War Films; Israeli and Palestinian second Intifada cinema; the perpetrator figure and societal trauma in cinema; New Cambodian Cinema; and corporeal-feminist film critique.

Morag is a recipient of Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Grants for her projects on "The Perpetrator Figure and Societal Trauma in Cinema" (2013-2017) and "Cinema of Complicity and the Bystander: 1945-2017" (2018-2022).

Morag received The Hebrew University Rector Prize for 2014, awarded to distinguished scholars for excellence in research, teaching, and contribution to university academic life.

Between 2006-2014, Morag served as an Artistic Director of the Documentary Film Committee at the Rabinovich Fund for the Arts, Tel-Aviv. The Rabinovich Fund contributes considerable support to Israeli films.

Since 2008, Morag writes a cinema column in Haaretz, Literature and Culture.