2G RAPID Superconducting Rock Magnetometer


The RAPID 2G-Entreprises SRM was installed in 2017. Like our old 2G it has a measurement sensitivity of 10-12 Am2 and an exceptionally wide dynamic range of 10-12 to 10-4 Am2.  This property enables measurements of a broad array of natural magnetic materials, from extremely weak magnetic particles (such as micrometer scale dust particles) to strong natural magnets (such as volcanic rocks). The SRM use three orthogonal DC-SQUIDs (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) to achieve this  sensitivity and dynamic range. The SQUIDs are hosted in a magnetically clean chamber produced from high magnetic permeability Ni-Fe alloy (MuMetal). An additional superconducting circuit is used to attenuate residual magnetic noises. The superconducting circuits operate in cryogenic temperature of 4K, achieved by a helium-free cryo-pump.

The RAPID is equipped with a programmable vertical multi-specimen sample handler that can process up to 99 specimens in one session. The RAPID includes in-line Alternating Field (AF) demagnetization coils with maximum field of 110mT for the transverse coil and 250mT for the axial coil; axial ARM with DC field up to 500 microT; and axial IRM with maximum peak field of 2 Tesla.