MFK-1 kappabridge + CS4 furnace

The MFK1 is a sensitive instruments for measuring anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and bulk magnetic susceptibility in weak variable magnetic fields (from 2 A/m to 700 A/m peak values) and three frequencies (976 Hz, 3904 Hz and 15616 Hz. ) The kappabridge measures the AMS of an static specimen. Susceptibility is measured in 15 different positions using a special holder with sample positions that correspond to the rotatable measuring design. The positions are changed manually and, using special software, the susceptibility tensor is calculated including the statistical errors in its determination.
The CS4 unit measures the temperature variation of magnetic susceptibility at temperatures ranging from room temperature up to 700 degrees Centigrade. The quasi-continuous measurement process is fully automated, being controlled by a PC. The curve of temperature variation against susceptibility consists of between 500 to 700 points. In weakly magnetic specimens the curve can be resolved into a paramagnetic hyperbola and complex "ferro"magnetic response curve.