Ruth Fine is Salomon and Victoria Cohen Professor in Iberian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her fields of expertise are semiotics, literary theory and Iberian literatures and cultures, areas in which she has published books and articles.

She acts as the Head of the Department of Spanish and Latin-American Studies, President of the AIH (Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas), Honorary President of the Israeli Association of Hispanists and Vice-President of the AC (Asociación Internacional de Cervantistas). She was awarded the "Orden del Mérito Civil" by Spain for her contribution to Spanish culture.

In 2016 she was elected corresponding member of the Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia Española).

In 2019 she received a Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Navarra.

  • Los miembros de la CLO con el presidente de la AIH, Aurelio González
  • honoris causa
  • AIH
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Research Interests

  • Spanish Golden Age Literature
  • The Literature of the Conversos after 1492
  • Semiotics and Literary Theory
  • The Work of Cervantes
  • The Presence of the Bible and of Jewish Elements in the Work of Cervantes
  • Contemporary Ibero-American literature
  • The Work of Jorge Luis Borges