• 2007 Jun 25

    WAWAPOR- Regional Seminar: Public Opinion, Communication and Elections

    Jun 25 (All day) to Jun 29 (All day)

    June 25 and 29, 2007. The organizers, Dr Lilach Nir and Dr. Tamir Sheafer of the Hebrew University and Dr. Yariv Tsfati of Haifa University, brought more than 30 members of the World Association for Public Opinion Research from all over the world to Jerusalem. They joined more than 20 Israeli scholars from communications and political science for rigorous debate on the nexus of communications and public opinion. The keynote speaker was Professor Larry Bartels of Princeton University.

  • 2007 Feb 16

    The End of TV? Its Impact on the World (So Far)—Part II


    University of Pennsylvania
    Feb 16 (All day) to Feb 18 (All day)

    This conference was held in Philadelphia in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communications. It was the first conference co-organized by the Smart Institute outside Israel, and a rare high-profile scholarly event co-sponsored by an Israeli academic institution taking place abroad. The conference, held on 16-18 February 2007, and featuring world-leading communication scholars, was a sequel to a Smart Institute conference convened in Jerusalem in 2006.
  • 2006 Dec 24

    Communication Research in Israel: Histories and Heresies

    (All day)

    This well attended conference, held in Jerusalem on December 24 2006, marked the publication of the first book in the Smart Institute and Magnes Press series on communications, and also celebrated the career of one of its authors, Hanna Adoni - a former director of the Institute and former Chair of the Department of Communication and Journalism, upon her retirement. The conference highlighted the tensions between communication research and practice and between academia and the newsroom, providing critical perspectives and extensions of Professor Adoni’s work.

  • 2006 Jun 18

    From Conflict to Peace in the Public Sphere: Media, Peace Education and Discourse


    Maiersdorf Faculty Club on Mount Scopus
    Jun 18 (All day) to Jun 20 (All day)

    This three-day international conference, June 18-20 2006, was convened together with the Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Swiss Center for Conflict Research.  The conference took place at the Maiersdorf Faculty Club on Mount Scopus and was supported by the Research Authority and the Faculty of Social Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and by the Embassy of the United States, American Office of Public Affairs.

  • 2006 May 20

    Cinema and Coping with Conflict


    Maiersdorf Faculty Club on Mount Scopus
    (All day)

    The Institute convened a one-day conference on March 20th on ‘Cinema and Coping with Conflict’ at the Maiersdorf faculty club, Hebrew University.  The conference was organized in partnership with the Swiss Center for Conflict Research, the Hebrew University, the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (I.C.C.I.) and the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, Jerusalem.

  • 2005 Jun 14

    The End of TV? Its Impact on the World


    Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem
    Jun 14 (All day) to Jun 16 (All day)

    The ‘End of TV?’ conference was held on June 14-16, 2005 at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem.

  • 2004 Oct 01

    Communication in the Jewish Diaspora

    Oct 1 (All day) to Jun 1 (All day)

    From October 2004 through to June 2005, the Institute held a series of weekly seminars together with the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University.  The series, entitled ‘Communication in the Jewish Diaspora’ brought together international scholars and Israeli scholars from a range of different fields, including History, Linguistics, Jewish studies, Media studies and Cultural studies.  The seminars were very well received and generated fascinating insights into the role of the media and of memory in Jewish history, and the creation of a Jewish …
  • 2004 Jun 16

    Discourse: Media, Message, Meaning


    Maiersdorf Faculty Club on Mount Scopus
    (All day)

    Held on 16-17 June 2004, the conference, in honor of Professor Shoshana Blum-Kulka, focused on pragmatics as a scholarly approach, and demonstrated its relevance to a broad range of issues in communication research.  As the first of our conferences held in this general field, it highlighted theoretical aspects of pragmatics and discourse. Specialized sessions explored the links between discourse and politics, identity, ideology, and language.

  • 2004 May 10

    The Documentary: Vision and Memory


    Jerusalem Cinematheque
    (All day)

    This conference, in honor of the retirement of Prof. Alan Rosenthal, focused on the relationship between history and cinema, with a particular emphasis on the documentary. Key-note speaker Professor Thomas Elsaesser, Head of the Department of Film and Television Studies at the University of Amsterdam, presented an exploratory analysis of the discourses of history and memory in the cinema.  Professor Rosenthal presented a sample of his extensive body of work in documentary filmmaking.
  • 2004 Jan 13

    Media Coverage as a Narrative Form


    Maiersdorf Faculty Club on Mount Scopus
    (All day)

    Held on 13-14 January 2004, the conference, in honor of the retirement of Professor Yitzchak Roeh, explored aspects of media discourse through focusing on rhetoric, implied theory and institutional practice in the performance of Israeli and world media. Speakers included media theorists and practitioners who offered a diverse range of perspectives on language, narrative, and genres of media coverage. Rhetorical dimensions of media discourse were highlighted by studies and discussions of news coverage practices during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.